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Alexandra Rowland is a fantasy author and occasional bespoke seamstress under the stern supervision of their feline quality control manager. They attended Truman State University in northern Missouri, where they studied world literature, mythology, and folklore. They are represented by Britt Siess of Britt Siess Creative Management.


Their books A CONSPIRACY OF TRUTHS and A CHOIR OF LIES are available now! Look for FINDING FAERIES, forthcoming from Tiller Press in the fall of 2020!


Find them on TwitterTumblr, and Instagram, or at



Freya Marske lives in Australia, where she is yet to be killed by any form of wildlife. She writes stories full of magic, blood, and as much kissing as she can get away with. Her hobbies include figure skating and discovering new art galleries, and she is on a quest to try all the gin in the world. Her debut novel, the queer historical fantasy A MARVELLOUS LIGHT, is forthcoming from Tor Dot Com Publishing in 2021. She is represented by Diana Fox of Fox Literary. 


Find her on Twitter at @freyamarske, or at


Jennifer Mace
is a 
queer Brit who roams the Pacific Northwest in search of tea and interesting plant life. An inveterate worldbuilder and incorrigible fiddler-with-other-people's-plots, she writes about strange magic and the cracks that form in society. She is represented by Kurestin Armada of PS Literary.


Find her on Twitter as @englishmace, at, or on Instagram as – you guessed it – english.mace.

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